My day job

Some recent projects involving my translating (Hebrew to English) and/or editing in English:

The Anteater and the Jaguar: Is this our destiny? A story from the Oasis of Peace – a new memoir by Rayek R. Rizek. Born and raised in Nazareth, Rayek and his wife Dyana Shaloufi Rizek are devoted, longtime members of the world's only intentional shared community of Palestinian Muslims and Christians living, co-learning and teaching with Israeli Jews. The book's introduction is by Dr. Marc Gopin. (Rayek wrote in English and I was his principal editor.) 

The Power of Dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians: Stories of Change from the School for Peace a collection of rivetingly candid portraits by Dr. Nava Sonnenschein of Jewish/Israeli and Palestinian social change activists, based on her in-depth interviews. All graduates of School for Peace training at Neve Shalom, most in their twenties and thirties now, these 24 conflict transformation pioneers are courageously leading their communities toward more effective cooperation and a more egalitarian future (January 2019, Rutgers University Press, USA) (translator and editor).

Mulka: Escape from the USSR, 1945-1946 – an intimate, dramatic WWII-era memoir by Yacov Yanai (Hebrew, Am Oved; English, privately published) (translator).

The Bereavement of Martyred Palestinian Children: Gendered, Religious and National Perspectives by feminist scholar Dr. Maram Masarwi of the Minerva Humanities Center at Tel Aviv University and Al- Qasemi Academic College of Education. Original research based on interviews with 40 bereaved parents in the West Bank. Palgrave Macmillan, UK, 2019 (translator, uncredited, excluding the list of references).

A Star Gleams in the Distance by Mordechai Ciechanower: a Holocaust memoir (translator); the book also became a film by Johannes Kuhn, entitled The Roofer of Birkenau.

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