New Egalitarians

I’m founding a movement
a global movement
for radical egalitarians
are you one?

then come on and join us
everyone is welcome
everyone is equal
come as you are
leave your bias at home

don’t come and tell me
how your culture says
women have to obey
or who we can and can’t love
or what skin color is better
or what kind of god is higher
who is in or who is out
who slave and who free


all are free or none are free
no one can bestow freedom, we are born free
they can only deny us its exercise

no cannon fodder
no prison fodder
no degradation disguised as liberation

and please don’t come and tell me
about one state or two
about two states or three
consociational federation
regional confederation
occupation partition rendition
don’t you be caught in these
cobwebs of the imagination

it’s not about the trappings
of power; just sidestep the traps
laid by the powerful
states are an illusion anyhow
boundaries are barbed wire in our minds
that’s all they are

so if you are a global soul
come on and join us
just as you are
and sing with us
in harmony, sing
justice, justice,
one justice for all
with love in our hearts
for every other being.

-- Deb Reich, 2016