No More Enemies

No More Enemies is my entertaining, highly readable, thought-provoking exploration of the proposition that the idea of “enemies” as a paradigm for social organization is thoroughly obsolete. The problem in conflict zones is not the people (“them”); it’s the paradigm. But help is on the way… starting with this book!

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Deb: As COVID-19 is devastating communities across the world, far too many of us are in search of scapegoats instead of solutions. No More Enemies is more crucial than ever right now, because it disrupts this habitual tendency to blame “the other,” to hate and fear “them.” We need to be reading this book now – to help us stay clear that the coronavirus is the adversary, not other people. (by private message, April 24, 2020). -- L. Janelle Dance, Assoc. Prof., Sociology and Ethnic Studies, Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA, and Senior Researcher, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University, Sweden

Dear Deb, The more I read of your book, the more I am convinced by your core thesis: No More Enemies -- it's not the people, it’s the paradigm. I like the logic, and the way you deploy it. I want to speak in my work about it, to the many people I meet. This message must be widely spread. With great admiration, Jürgen (by email April 20, 2020) - Jürgen Kleinwächter, astrophysicist, visionary inventor, Solar Powered Village at Tamera, Portugal.

In No More Enemies, Deb Reich states it clearly: ‘It’s not the people . . . it’s the paradigm.’  –Civil rights activist Minnijean Brown-Trickey of the Little Rock Nine, writing as a scholar in residence, Clinton School Center on Community Philanthropy, “Confronting Racism, Past and Present, to Heal Ourselves and Heal the World.” Undated PDF circa 2013, part of a compendium entitled “Pathways to Racial Healing and Equity in the American South: A community philanthropy strategy.”

The late Ursula K. Le Guin said this about No More Enemies: Hello, Deb Reich -- thank you for writing me. I just spent a long and happy time browsing your No More Enemies site… (by email, February 11, 2012). See what UKL enjoyed so much on the old No More Enemies website at this link.

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