Workshops with Deb

Be at your best in English

שפר\י הבעתך באנגלית

 تحسين لغتك الإنجليزية

Workshop #1: Better writing in 180 minutes

1 goal
2 viewpoints
3 main ideas
4 editing tips
5 common mistakes
6 write-arounds
7 (the magical number, plus/minus two)
8 kinds of subheadings
9 tricks for proofreading
10! (your score)

Workshop #2: Great oral presentations (2 hours)

  • Max’s law of effective media exposure
  • Preparation
    • Audience
    • Content
    • Text
    • Primacy & recency
    • Layout
  • Practice
    • How to do it & how not to do it
    • Timing it
    • Enjoying it more
  • Delivery
    • Bonding first
    • Strategic breathing
    • Connecting naturally
    • The old water trick
    • Signposting from text / not from text
  • Leave ‘em laughing

You can commission a group workshop to be held at your site or at my home base at Kibbutz Yahel in the Arava (Israel/Palestine). Plus: individual coaching via Skype. Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on Skype at debreich2.